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Expositores verticais compactos refrigerados e aquecidos

Designed for shops where every inch counts, such as small businesses, kiosks, …, or when retailers want a more open and airy shop, the new 1.60m high display is simply perfect.
Models for

Refrigerated packaged foods and beverages -1… +5 °C (3M1)

Frozen food -18… -15 °C (3L1)

Hot packaged food and beverages  >+65 °C



JORDAO FUTURE 2 compact vertical displays measuring just 160 cm.

Greater visibility and the best performance

This new addition to the popular Futuro 2 range shares the benefits that distinguish the vertical display range, excellent product presentation and visibility thanks to the extended front doors. And high performance and energy efficiency, the refrigerated models achieve the best Energy Efficiency Index (EEI).  

High performance, visibility, and low noise for the best shopping experience.

For refrigerated food

Futuro 2 compact multidecks are available in a refrigerated version suitable for selling freshly packaged food such as meat, delicatessen, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products. But also for the modern grab-and-go of drinks, snacks or salads in urban centres, train stations, airports or gyms.

Refrigerated version of JORDAO's FUTURE 2 compact vertical display Multidecks
JORDAO FUTURO 2 compact vertical Multidecks with front doors

Front doors for greater energy saving and perfect visibility.

Antiviral treated handles on FUTURE 2 Multidecks.

Door handles with triple surface treatment: antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, for a safer shop (optional).

Vertical LED lighting controlled with an app via smartphone and tablet in JORDAO's FUTURE 2 compact Multidecks

Vertical LED lighting. Undershelf lighting is optionally available, as well as an App for illumination’s colour and brightness management via smartphone and tablet. Easy and intuitive, the right light for each product.

Heated version of JORDAO's FUTURE 2 compact vertical Multidecks

For hot food

Designed for new consumption trends, a specific version for hot food and drinks (soups, pizzas, sandwiches, roasted meat, ...) is also available.

The ventilated heating system provides a perfectly balanced temperature inside the display while consuming less energy than traditional models and allowing longer display time.

The temperature control per shelf offers additional energy-saving opportunities, as it allows one or more display levels to be switched off whenever they are not in use or to adjust the temperature according to the product assortment.

JORDAO FUTURO 2 compact Multidecks displays with ventilated heating system

Low energy consumption ventilated heating system, for an even temperature and greater loading capacity.

Heated models with independent temperature control in JORDAO FUTURE 2 compact Multidecks

Heated models have independent temperature control per shelf, which includes a price-holder and solar thermometer (without batteries).

Pivot front doors on FUTURE 2 Multidecks .

Pivoting front doors for increased food safety and lower energy consumption.

Easy cleaning and sanitising of FUTURE 2 compact Multidecks

Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance

Internal components easy to remove and clean. Front access to the condensing unit and electrical panel makes it easy to do preventive and curative maintenance without having to move the equipment.

Want to reduce your shop's carbon footprint?

All JORDAO models are available with the CORK CORE® sustainable thermal insulation solution.

Learn more 

Isolamneto térmico em cortiça Cork Core.

Want to reduce your shop's carbon footprint?

All JORDAO models are available with the CORK CORE® sustainable thermal insulation solution.

Learn more  

Isolamneto térmico em cortiça Cork Core.
Energy Efficiency Index R290*
FUTURO 2 Refrigerated
STD HE - high performance condensing unit with front doors   
SLIM HE - high performance condensing unit with front doors   

(*) The class indicates the best energy class for this model, based on specific configurations and set-up, so the energy label may differ depending on the configuration and dimension of each model. The Energy Efficiency Index is calculated according to the European Energy Labelling Regulation 2019/2018.

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