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15 de junho de 1982


Versatile display for self-service and assisted service for Hospitality and Catering sectors.

Fresco is a range of refrigerated, heated and dry/ambient displays for Restaurants, Cafeterias, Universities and Colleges, and Food Courts .... Its elegant design enhances product presentation, while its ease of use and ergonomics allow customers easy access to drinks, salads, prepared dishes and packaged food.
Cold plates, drinks, snacks and salads
-1… +7 °C 3M2
Hot plates, snacks and beverages
>+65 °C
Combi models (catering/self-service)
Cold food and beverages
-1… +7 °C 3M2
Hot food and beverages
>+65 °C

CO2    Glicol    R290

Offer your customers an excellent experience

Fresco is a versatile and flexible solution that adjusts to the needs of each business, allowing the combination of refrigerated, dry/ambient and heated displays, for assisted service, self-service or both, in the most varied versions, either with or without refrigerated or heated storage:

✓  Fan-assisted cooling
✓  Chilled deck
✓  Dry fan-assisted heating
✓  Dry heated deck
✓  Bain-marie (wet)


Vitrinas para atendimento e autosserviço FRESCO COMBI

Combined 2 in 1 display for more business opportunities

A space-saver double-decker for assisted service and full service simultaneously. Either with both decks refrigerated or as a double temperature model, with a chilled section bottom and a heated section with a glass dome on the top. FRESCO COMBI is perfect for a versatile solution combining multifunction and service with a minimal footprint to maximize the shop's space.

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Greater customisation for effortless usage and to boost sales

Tray sliders, plate dispensers, niches for cross-selling, service and POS boxes... a wide choice of accessories and complements to improve your customers' experience and staff's daily operations.

Detalhes da linha de vitrinas FRESCO.
Opção vidro frontal convertivel entre atendimento e autosserviço

Assisted service or self-service in a matter of seconds!

The convertible front glass option allows the quick change between assisted service and self-service whenever needed.

Reserva refrigerada

Models with refrigerated or heated storage for rapid product replenishment.

Multiniveis refrigerados FRESCO com portas frontais e de serviço.

Vertical displays with service and front doors for greater energy saving and operational efficiency.

Opções de vidro para a linha de vitrinas FRESCO

Three front glass designs: flat (VD), UV bonded glass (VUV) or self-service (VS).

Want to reduce your shop's carbon footprint?

All JORDAO models are available with the CORK CORE® sustainable thermal insulation solution.

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Isolamneto térmico em cortiça Cork Core.

Want to reduce your shop's carbon footprint?

All JORDAO models are available with the CORK CORE® sustainable thermal insulation solution.

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Isolamneto térmico em cortiça Cork Core.
Energy Efficiency Index R290*


Refrigerated multilevel display cases     
Refrigerated impulse display cases    
(*) The class indicates the best energy class for this model, based on specific configurations and set-up, so the energy label may differ depending on the configuration and dimension of each model. The Energy Efficiency Index is calculated according to the European Energy Labelling Regulation 2019/2018.
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