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Sr. José Júlio Jordão
15 de junho de 1982

Case Studies

Know more about stores and innovative concepts that trust on JORDAO for the success of its business. Challenge us!

Take-away is trendy

Convenient and on hand, this concept is already part of everyday life.
Supermarket & C-Stores

Modern food retail

Stores to always exceed their shoppers' expectations.
Supermarket & C-Stores

Unique and impressive shops

JORDAO's solutions for a shopping experience of excellence.
Restaurant & Self-Service

New food service brand

Exciting shops and innovative projects attract and retain more customers!
Coffee shop

Shops with good energy

Boosting businesses with help of JORDAO’s solutions.
Supermarket & C-Stores

Perfect look and service

Appealing products with the best presentation with the JORDAO’s DAISY model.
Butchery & Charcuterie

Store renovation

Renovated store improves customers' experience, operations efficiency and makes the business grow.
Supermarket & C-Stores

Organic retail

Amazing product presentation in a newly opened Organic Food supermarket.
Coffee shop

Impressive stores

It's always good to return to good old habits, even better in a coffee shop with JORDAO showcases.
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