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HOST 2021

Between October 22th to 26th, JORDAO once again took part in Milan's trade HOST, the global event for the and Food Service industry.
  • HOST 2021
  • Vitrina para sobremesas geladas VISTA e detalhe da vitrina refrigerada MINIMAL no stand da JORDÃO na HOST 2021 | VISTA frozen desserts display case and MINIMAL showcase detail at HOST'21 JORDAO stand
  • Murais eficientes FUTURO 2 da JORDÃO na HOST 2021 | JORDAO's FUTURO 2 energy-efficient multidekcs at HOST 2021
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • Semivertical e conjunto de vitrinas com isolamento térmico CorkCore® da JORDÃO. | Display cases & semi-vertical with JORDAO' CorkCore® thermal insulation
  • Conjunto MINIMAL/VISTA/PURA da JORDÃO na HOST 2021 | JORDAO's MINIMAL/VISTA/PURA solution at HOST 2021
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • Soluções para refeições e alimentos quentes da JORDÃO na HOST 2021 | JORDAO's  heated solutions at HOST 2021
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • Click & Collect e United Buy Bye no stand da JORDÃO na HOST 2021 | Click & Collect and United Buy Bye at HOST 2021 JORDAO's stand
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • Vitrina refrigerada para esplanadas e modelo IRIS no stand da JORDÃO  na HOST 2021 | IRIS and OUTDOOR EATING display cases at HOST 2021 JORDAO stand
  • JORDAO stand @ HOST 2021
  • Vitrinas & semiverticais VISTA e vitrina para gelados SCOOP no stand da JORDÃO na HOST 21 | VISTA  display case & semi-verticals units and SCOOP ice cream counter at HOST 21 JORDAO stand

What a great show!

Thanks to all visitors, partners and friends for taking their time to visit JORDAO’s booth and for making Host 2021 such an incredible event.

Like all of you, we were very happy to restart in-person events and develop relations as usual.

At Milan’s show, JORDAO introduced an extended array of innovative new models and solutions, such as:

  • Energy-Efficient, best in class Futuro 2 HE multideck
  • Cork Core®, 100% natural and recyclable thermal insulation
  • Grab & go and assisted service Heated Displays for bakery, take-away, supermarkets, …
  • Ice-Cream showcases, including Gelato and vertical displays
  • E-commerce parcel collection solutions for food retail and foodservice
  • Smart Micro Store, grab & go technology for 24/7 sales

We'd like to thank KRION® Portugal, Fiamma® Portugal, Delta Cafés® e a Leite Mendes Lda, for their great support.

To learn more about this exciting event, contact us by email 

See you soon.

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