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Award-winning eco-innovation

A new model with heat recovery system from Jordão gets international distinction.

Award-winning eco-innovation

Innovation and energy saving, Jordão's new Futuro 2 vertical display with dual temperature and heat recovery has just been awarded the "Innovation Smart Label". And we're incredibly proud of this accomplishment.

As part of Host 2023, organized by Milan’s under the patronage of ADI - Associazione Italiana per il Disegno Industriale, the Innovation Smart Label distinguishes products with a high content of innovation that seek to break with and move beyond the established trends in the industry.

The Jury, composed of professors of Politecnico di Milano and industry experts, assed the candidate products based on the following basic criteria:

  • Efficiency of the functions of the product or service;
  • Effectiveness of product performance or usability of the service;
  • Innovative characteristics of new patterns of use, or technology, or benefits to the company and/or professional user.

Futuro 2 dual temperature vertical display is not just a hot or cold; it's both. It combines state-of-the-art technology, product promotion, customer experience, sustainability, and low energy consumption.

In today's hospitality, where multifunction and versatility are heroes, the new display's benefits are a plus by offering a hot and a cold section in the same equipment. On one side, it explores the hot food trend, including on-the-go consumption. On the other side, it keeps beverages and salads at their best. The shopper conveniently picks its hot wrap and orange juice and goes. From the sellers' perspective, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance cross-selling tactics.

An innovative system recovers the heat waste generated by the condensing unit (chilled section) to hold hot food at the right temperature in the hot section. Up to +40 °C at 0€ energy cost. While the refrigerated section, with energy-saving technology, is now a step ahead and uses natural gas R-744 (CO2) on a self-contained display.

Other innovative features:

  • Natural cork thermal insulation: 100% renewable and recyclable, long-lasting material and eco-friendly manufacturing process, a natural alternative to PU injection.
  • Intelligent LED light management that reduces light intensity when no passersby are close, avoiding energy waste when it is unnecessary. When shoppers get close, the illumination auto-brightens up, creating a wow-alluring effect.

For Joana Jordão Lobo, Jordão’s R&D&I Director, “We couldn't be prouder and more honoured to see our commitment to innovation and sustainability recognized in this way. JORDAO's innovative Futuro 2 vertical display unit with dual temperature and heat recovery is an excellent example of the impact we want to have in the World regarding sustainability and social responsibility in an increasingly competitive market where multifunctionality, convenience and operational efficiency are kings.”

Our team is geared up to tackle new challenges, drive innovation, and make great things happen.

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Competition Smart Label, Host Innovation Award

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