Parque Industrial - Pavilhão E1 4805-661 Braga Guimarães, Portugal
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José Júlio Jordão
15 de junho de 1982

Industrial Tourism

JORDAO is part of the Portuguese Industrial Tourism network.
Industrial Tourism
Guimarães launches Industrial Tourism Route, and JORDAO is a founding element. Under the motto "feeling the pulse of the Guimarães industry is to see how things are well done," the municipality, together with Tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal (TPNP), has launched an initiative to promote tourism and specifically develop a new industry, taking advantage of the municipality's industrial tradition.

Luis Pedro Martins, president of TPNP, defined industrial tourism as "the new big product to be explored by Portugal". In addition to JORDAO, Belo Inox, Coelima, Filasa, Lameirinho, and Lasa are also pioneers on this journey.

Unique experiences, knowledge, and cultural identity! It is an opportunity to delve into the vibrant industry and rich industrial heritage of Guimarães. Explore operating factories and historical spaces that narrate the story of the Portuguese industry's evolution, showcasing the techniques, machinery, and know-how of the past and the future.

Accustomed to hosting professional visitors, associations, and students, JORDAO is now opening its doors to a wider audience, sharing its history, processes, and people. By joining the Industrial Tourism Route, the company is committed to fostering a transparent relationship with the market and the community.

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