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Tips to preserve your equipment if in quarantine.
While many Hospitality businesses are temporarily closed due to general shutdown, it’s vital to take care of your display units and counters during the quarantine, as they can be damaged even if sitting idle. Preserve your refrigeration equipment if you plan to be out of action for a sustained period of time. You will need them in perfect condition when the crisis is over!

What measures should be taken to protect your equipment?

  • Carry out a manual defrost on the controller if available.
  • Turn-off your displays and cabinets and disconnect the power cord.
  • Remove all food and packaging debris and ensure all product is removed from the drawers and/or storage.
  • Clean the equipment thoroughly, use a cloth or sponge moistened to clean the interior and exterior parts, only use warm water and non-abrasive mild detergents.
    • Do not saturate the cloth or sponge.
    • Do not use water jets or direct water on appliances.
    • Do not use solvents or thinners.
    • Do not use sharp utensils.
    • Do not use steel pads, wire brushes, scrapers or chloride cleaners.
  • Once all has been cleaned, ensure everything is dried thoroughly.
  • Leave the door/lid open so that air can circulate inside, preventing the formation of unpleasant odours.
  • Do not forget to clean the condenser, use an air jet, a dry brush or a brush attached to a vacuum cleaner nozzle and, working with up and down movements, remove any dust or fluff that has deposited on the heat exchanger fins.
  • Periodically air the premises.

When the doors open for business again…
  • Start the displays and cabinets after cleaning them thoroughly and check that they are operating effectively.

Together, we can get through these challenging times!

For further clarifications refer to the User Manual or contact a Technician.

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