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Sr. José Júlio Jordão
15 de junho de 1982


Maximum proximity and convenience, a shop always at hand!

Whether due busy lifestyles where time is scarce or due to contingencies of social confinement Micro Stores has taken off in popularity, either to eat on-the-go or to make a last-minute purchase, when e-commerce is not an option.

Convenient for Consumers
The UNITED BUY BYE is a smart 24/7 convenience store, it offers a huge variety of perishable items like ready-to-eat products, meal kits, sandwiches, soft drinks, water, delicacies, salad bowls, lasagnas….
No lines, consumers just need their mobile phone and the retailer’s app to unlock the merchandiser and freely browse and grab items from shelves, or read nutrition facts, if they need. It’s fast and easy, with no need for cash or credit cards making for a seamless purchasing experience. Ready2go!

Convenient for Retailers
UNITED BUY BYE enables retailers to diversify sales, day or night, and in the most convenient locations for consumers. To adapt to people’s everyday routines, retailers can have a Micro Store wherever the shopper is, Schools and Universities, Condos, Offices, Health-Clubs, Train Stations, Airports, …, the Micro Store combines convenience and lower installation cost, which is significant for business profitability!
Thanks to its advanced technology retailers can track real-time information about sales, inventory, …, and find out what sells the best or what they can market better.

UNITED BUY BYE’s smart sensor combination is also available for other models in JORDAO merchandisers' range

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You may also find useful the CLICK & COLLECT automated lockers, 24/7 e-commerce deliveries made simple. Fast, Safe and Very Convenient. No lines, no waiting.

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