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Do you know how to optimize your refrigeration equipment?


Strongly impacted by the pandemic, with the progressive ending of the lockdown, Restaurants, Patisseries, Cafes, Service Stations, ..., resume their “normal” activities.

Considering the importance of the moment for the hospitality sector, JORDÃO shares best practices for a successful reopening, aiming for the perfect conditions of hygiene, food conservation and optimal equipment functioning. To reduce unnecessary costs and boost sales.


Shops with well-exposed and well-preserved foods sell more and have lower product losses.


  • Make sure each food product is at the required temperature. Below we list the main food categories conservation temperatures. Always follow authorities’ and food producers’ guidelines.
    • Frozen foods  -18°… -15 °C
    • Meat -1°… +2 °C
    • Charcuteríe -1°… +5 °C
    • Dairy products +2°… +5 °C
    • Pastry products +3°… +6 °C
    • Fruits & vegetables +6°… +9 °C
    • Chocolates +13°… +15 °C
    • Hot food +60… +65 °C
  • Regularly check food items expiration date and remove out of date ones. It will avoid risks of food contamination and improves hygiene and food safety.
  • Ensure even and proper distribution of the products. Certify that no items, big or small, interfere with the cooling/heating system, do not obstruct air inlets/outlets and respect the loading limits. An overfilled cabinet is less attractive, sells less and has higher energy consumption.


For a balanced and adequate temperature within the cabinet, guarantee its maximum efficiency and avoid excessive energy consumption.

  • Respect the limits of product loading and do not obstruct air inlets/outlets
  • Do not place warm foods inside a refrigerated cabinet or freezer, in addition to compromising other products' food safety, it will increase energy consumption. Food should be placed inside the equipment at a temperature as close as possible to the recommended.

  • When the refrigeration equipment has doors, ensure they are kept closed whenever possible, a door left open has a significant impact on energy consumption. Check door seals regularly and, if necessary, replace them.
  • Mind the ambient conditions, temperature and humidity. Generally, refrigeration equipment is set to operate with an ambient temperature of 25 ° C and 60% relative humidity. For more demanding conditions, high-performance equipment must be considered.
  • Respect the recommended conservation temperatures, equipment operating at a lower temperature causes unnecessary energy consumption and if above it will cause product losses.
  • Refrigeration equipment must be kept away from heat sources such as ovens or direct sunlight.
  • When placing a cabinet against a wall, leave a gap space and do not block the air outlet grilles, ensure that the condensing unit is well ventilated.
  • Close the night-blinds outside the store's operating period.
  • Turn off the lighting outside the store's operating period.

A regular cleaning routine is fundamental to the health of the equipment and the business.

  • Before cleaning operations, remove all food and waste from inside the cabinet.
  • Clean the equipment with a soft and wet cloth or sponge. Use only warm water and mild non-abrasive detergents.
    • Do not use abrasive sponges or fabrics.
    • Do not project water directly to the equipment.
    • Do not use solvents or thinners.
    • Do not use sharp utensils.
    • Do not use steel scourers, steel brushes, scrapers or products cleaning containing chlorides.
  • After being thoroughly cleaned, ensure that all surfaces are well dried to prevent bacteria or mould growth.
  • Do not forget to clean the condenser, use an air jet, a dry brush or a vacuum with a soft brush, and with up and down movements remove any dust or fluff that may be deposited. A dirty condenser reduces the efficiency of the equipment and can increase energy consumption by 20% +.

Refer to your equipment's User Manual and follow the guidelines.

For any further clarification, contact JORDAO, we are here to help!

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