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José Júlio Jordão
15 de junho de 1982

Water Recovery System

A litre saved, a litre earned. Every drop counts! A new solution that enables the recovery of water naturally generated by the merchandiser's cooling systems.
Water Recovery System
It’s estimated that by 2050, global water demand, a scarce element already today, will increase by up to 30%.
So why not recover the water naturally generated by your refrigerated merchandisers?

At JORDAO INNOVCOOL®, we developed a front opened refrigerated grab and go that consumes less energy than traditionally opened merchandisers while recovering the water from the refrigeration system for watering the garden or cleaning the floor. How smart is that!

A litre saved, a litre earned.
Every drop counts!

Reuse it for: cleaning and watering.

Together we preserve this scarce resource.
Contact us to know more about Jordao's Water Recovery System.

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