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Retail A to Z

How to cope with consumers' expectations regarding product assortment and service.
  • Retail A to Z
  • Vitrinas para talho da JORDAO
  • Murais refrigerados FUTURO 2 da JORDAO
  • Vitrina livre serviço da JORDAO
  • Semivertical refrigerado VISTA
In a hyper-personalised world, where retailers must market an extensive span of products touching every product category and service kind, the question is how to cope with consumers' expectations regarding product assortment and service.

A to Z solutions by JORDAO, from frozen food to cold and heated food - fresh produce, meat, fish, delicatessen, ready-to-eat and take-away, coffee shops and bakeries, ... - for assisted service, self-service, and grab and go, enhances product visibility at the right temperature for the sake of a perfect product promotion that boosts sales.

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models in this case study
FUTURO 2 multidecks | FUTURO serve-overs  | VISTA display cases | VISTA semi-verticals | NEXT storage counters | UNITED multidecks

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